Acrylic Sheets in Derby

Acrylic sheets are stocked in extruded and cast form. A wide selection of colours are available in varying sheet sizes and thickness's. Below is a brief overview of both products:

Extruded Acrylic Sheets

Extruded acrylic sheets are an extremely high quality sheet, with transparent qualities higher than that of glass. Its UV resistant qualities make it an ideal choice for exterior environments. Extruded Acrylic sheets are stronger than glass and can be machined, cut and drilled. Extruded acrylic sheet is stocked in Transparent Clear and Translucent White Opal. Sheet thickness's range between 1.5mm – 20mm, with 2050mm x 1250mm, 2440mm x 1220mm and 3050mm x 2050mm sheets available.

Cast Acrylic Sheets

Cast acrylic sheets are an extremely weather resistant material, with resistance to heat, ultraviolet and a wide range of chemicals. Cast acrylic sheets are extremely strong and have a long life span. Cast sheet is stocked in a wide range of transparent and translucent colours. Typical applications include, construction sites, Display lighting, signage and exhibition display stands.

The main benefit of acrylic is its lightweight and has a high impact resistance. Sheet thickness's range from 3m - 10mm and sheet sizes are 3050mm x 2050mm.

Acrylic sheets can be cut to size if required and a wide range of off cuts are available.