PVC Cladding in Derby

MP Plastics offer a PVC cladding range that include Fascia Boards, Soffit Boards and Shiplap Cladding and Internal Hygienic Wall Cladding.

The above products are explained in detail on our product pages, however below is a brief description of each system and there uses.

Fascia Boards

Our fascia system is in two products, replacement fascia and capping fascia. Our capping system is used to protect or improve the cosmetic appearance of the existing fascia, whereas our replacement system is used on new buildings or to replace current rotten or damaged wooden systems. Our fascia panels are available in a number of styles, colours and sizes.

soffit boards

Our soffit boards are used in conjunction with the fascia’s to create a vapour proof barrier to protect existing roof timbers and cavities. Soffit panels are supplied as vented or non-vented and come in a selection of styles, colours and sizes.

Shiplap Cladding

Shiplap cladding is a PVC cladding system for external walls and brickwork. Our system uses a series of planks which overlap to create a stunning exterior finish. This system can be used to cover rough brickwork or cosmetically improve the external features of your home.

Hygienic Wall Cladding

Hygienic wall cladding is a system used to clad areas where hygiene is a preference. Areas including commercial kitchens and food preparation areas use this system. Our hygienic PVC cladding range comes in large sheet form, with a range of profiles and accessories for construction. Please view our product pages for further information on this system.